WebVR – a new way to view virtual reality content in mobile browsers.

Available for a few weeks now in its final version on the Daydream platform and as a beta for the Cardboard platform, the WebVR has entered its final stage.

So what is WebVR?

WebVR is a protocol for viewing content in virtual reality directly within the mobile web browser. This technology is based on OpenGL and is available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other recent browsers.

So far WebVR has not yet been able to achieve good performance since a version was released for public use; however it offers performance that is close to native applications, which gives a glimpse of enormous possibilities.

What are the advantages of WebVR?

WebVR makes it possible to get rid of the space limit that smartphones face; in fact, there is no need to download the application since the content is displayed within a HTML page.

Second, but not least, this technology makes life easier for developers, since applications require only one stage of development.

WebVR can offer content on Android, iOS, Samsung Gear or even Daydream very easily.

Where can I find WebVR content?

Google has created a site gathering some experiences using this technology, so to fully enjoy it, we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.


In a few days you can also discover our first application using this technology

– the Homido Center V3.


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